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White 1111 Off White 1112 Ivory 1114 Cooper 1125 Canary Yellow 1129 Gold 1133 Yellow 1135 Pink 1147 Dark Pink 1160 Fuchsia Pink 1162 Hot Pink 1165 Scarlet 1170 Crimson Red 1173 Brandywine 1180 Burgundy 1185 Orange 1225 Emerald Glow 1256 Blue Green 1274 Army Olive 1285 Olive Green 1287 Cloudy Jade 1291 Baby Blue 1293 Mint 1296 Aqua 1297 Turquoise 1298 Ming Blue 1302 Angel Blue 1303 North Blue 1306 Lavender 1314 Purple 1323 Light Violet 1324 Levi Blue 1326 Grape 1337 Purple Iris 1341 Platinum 1344 Crushed Grape 1355 Royal Blue 1366 Yale Blue 1376 Navy Blue 1384 Dark Navy Blue 1388 Nude 1392 Khaki 1401 Dark Brown 1418 Light Gray 1428 Steel 1433 Gunmetal 1444 Charcoal Gray 1446 Mellow Yellow 1455 Forest Green 1464 Gold Brown 1481 Seal Brown 1494 Midnight Blue 1497 Black 1500 Lettuce 1503 Red 1510 Gray 1522 Cranberry 1523 Pick Color

Tex-27 Serger Overlock thread suggested usage: Lightweight Fabric & General Purpose.
130grams 100% Spun Polyester Count: 40/2

CTS spun polyester is an ideal multi-purpose thread designed to meet all of your sewing needs. Spun polyester is produced from high tenacity fiber and has strong resistance to mildew. Our 100% polyester thread is treated with a special lubricant to reduce friction and ensure sew ability. Spun polyester also has a low shrinkage characteristic to eliminate seam puckering and the proper amount of elongation to absorb the stresses of sewing. CTS spun polyester is designed for both commercial and industrial use and can be used with serging and regular sewing machines.

We offer over 450 color choices for the 40/2 Tex-27 and 30/2 Tex-40 lineup; please see our color chart for the colors available. Depending on your monitor calibrations, the colors shown on our online color chart may differ from the actual thread color. California Thread does not guarantee the accuracy of the online color chart. We recommend purchasing a CTS color chart to ensure the accuracy of the thread color.

Notice: If 130grams spools are not available, we have the right to switch out to 260grams spools (i.e. two 130grams spools to one 260grams spool). If 260grams spools are not available, we have the right to switch out to 130grams spools (i.e. one 260grams spool to two 130grams spools).

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